Warner Bros. officially delays Wonder Woman 1984 release date to Christmas 2020, opening the sequel one week after their Dune remake.
Wonder Woman 1984 has been officially delayed to Christmas 2020. The highly-anticipated DC Extended Universe sequel was alleged to have begin by now at one point it had been scheduled for a June premiere. However, thanks to the corona-virus pandemic, Warner Bros. had no choice but to maneuver it back. After initially moving Wonder Woman 1984 to August, the studio then settled on an October release date, positioning Wonder Woman 1984 a few month after Tenet’s domestic debut.

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Movie theaters have recently reopened after being closed for months, counting on films like Tenet and woman 1984 to be a much-needed boost for business. But while Tenet scored the absolute best debut since the COVID-19 outbreak, its hard numbers were still not ideal for a $200 million tentpole. Tenet grossed $20.2 million internally, though it’s believed its actual opening weekend was closer to $10 million. As a result, there was talk about Warner Bros. delaying their other big 2020 movies, and now the primary domino has fallen.
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Warner Bros. announced Wonder Woman 1984 is now scheduled to open on Christmas . Interestingly, WB is keeping Dune in its own December 2020 slot, with Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic opening one week before woman 1984. The common belief was woman 1984 would take Dune’s release date, but both are beginning over the vacations.
Under normal condition, a studio wouldn’t release two of their biggest movies in close proximity to each other, but nothing about the 2020 movie release calendar is typical. With numerous movies being delayed (several into 2021), Warner Bros. believes there will be enough space for both Wonder Woman 1984 and Dune to perform well at the box office in December. Neither are going to be facing much competition, but it still remains to be seen if this plan delivers the specified results. Tenet’s performance showed many of us are wary of going back to the multiplex, and Dr. Anthony Fauci says it won’t be safe to travel back to stage until a year after a COVID-19 vaccine is out there . It’s idealistic on Warner Bros. part to believe things will significantly improved by December. More movie theaters could also be open by then, but it still might not be worth releasing a $200 million blockbuster on the large screen. It wouldn’t be surprising if woman 1984 and Dune are delayed into next year.

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