DC’s Young Justice started as a few number teenage heroes and has become a whole social network. What enemy could theyvbe facing ,that gets all of them to team up?
The Young Justice team has been shaking up the  roster since they first came back together at the very best of 2019. Like all big teenage social circle, members enter, drift out, bring friends. because the teenager Titans dwindle in number, Young Justice is doing just the opposite . according to DC’s November solicitations, Young Justice is bringing the whole confederate for the last word issue, Young Justice #20.

Young Justice started within the 90s when the teenager Titans aged out of their own name, becoming the Titans, and leaving room for a team of newer teen heroes, including the new Robin (aka Tim Drake), the new Superboy (Conner Kent), Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) and Impulse (Bart Allen). The new volume, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Scott Godlewski, reunited the classic team members within the DC Rebirth timeline, in conjunction with newcomers Jinny Hex and teenage Lantern. because the series progressed, they took on more members; the expanded roster ranged from recent creation Naomi to 70s animation stars the Wonder Twins. The team met with another Young Justice and absorbed it. Then they scattered, becoming a loose social network of teenage heroes who are ready to back each other up many to avoid wasting to save lots of lots of the earth .
In issue 20, Naomi co-writer David F. Walker teams up with Bendis for a finale involving a crisis that’s billed as “bigger than anything they’ve faced before”. which suggests bringing in every single hero who’s signed up for the team over the entire run. Here is that the solicitation text and thus the duvet by John Timms:

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Release Date: November 3rd, 2020
Written by: Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker
Art by: Scott Godlewsk
Cover by: John Timms
Card Stock Variant Cover by: Derrick Chew
FINAL ISSUE. For the first time in months, the entire Young Justice team unite together to face a threat way bigger than anything they’ve faced before. whilst the team has come to grips with their fractured legacy, someone from Young Justice’s past has come to murder them! Guest-starring the Wonder Twins, Dial H for Hero, and Naomi—plus another Wonder Comics surprises which quite too hot to mention here! Try to not miss this final issue from the Eisner Award-nominated co-writers of Naomi Just what is the threat? The preview is vague, but this is often often a huge team with many world-ending enemies. Issue 19’s solicitation centers the problem around Wonder Girl handling her godly heritage. The return of Naomi’s David F. Walker suggests that the threat might be Naomi’s nemesis Zumbado or one of his allies, any or all of which could involve all hands on deck. Given Bendis’s habit for creating up new Mongul-like evil monster men, Young Justice has become the hub for Brian Bendis’s imprint Wonder Comics, a line built around reviving classic teen heroes with fresh takes and introducing new ones. When the initial Naomi miniseries ended, the lighting hero joined the team; likewise with the Wonder Twins and Dial H for Hero titles. Amethyst joined before her Wonder Comics miniseries due to the first Young Justice Storyline being set in her home realm of Gemworld. Now that Young Justice is going to an end, where will these fresh faces go? Maybe Young Animal will have some room for them.


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