Disney’s Mulan, 2020 live-action adaptation of the 1998 animated classic, pulls in $33.5 million after a Labor Day opening weekend on Disney+.
Disney’s new Mulan 2020 live-action has raked in $33.5 million from this past Labor Day weekend alone. Mulan may be a live-action adaptation of the 1998 Disney classic, and follows the titular character as she disguises as a person and joins the Chinese army so as to save lots of her father’s life. The movie released on Disney+ last week through the streaming service’s premier access platform.
Of course, Mulan wasn’t originally intended for Disney+.In fact, the film was initially slated for a March 9 premiere on the silver screen. However, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic meant the film was delayed first to July and later to August, before executives finally made the chocaice to place Mulan on Disney+. While Mulan will still have a theatrical release in countries where the threat of COVID-19 has been tempered, it was released on the subscription streaming platform on September 4th 2020. That being said, eager viewers got to distribute a fee of $29.99, which is added on top of the platform’s subscription costs, so as to access Mulan
Mulan’s Disney+ Movie Release Is A Perfect Test For Disney’s Other Movies
Now, Media Post reports that this decision to charge for Mulan has netted Disney $33.5 million in its opening weekend alone.Samba TV, a viewer tracking company, estimates the film has been seen in around 1.12 million homes across the United States. Additionally , consumer demand for Mulan has sharply increased Disney+ downloads by over 68 percent, showcasing the huge popularity of the live-action adaptation.
Mulan Disney Plus

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Mulan’s tag is significantly above the value of a daily movie ticket. Estimates from the National Association of Theater Owners say that the worth of a mean movie ticket within the fourth quarter of 2019 was only $9.37, therefore the cost to ascertain Mulan is over 3 times that quantity . It’s worth mentioning that Disney has now made $33.5 million in pure profit also , as there is no got to provide theaters or the other platforms with a share of earnings.
That being said, just because Mulan was massively profitably during its opening weekend doesn’t necessarily mean this trend will continue .The movie’s release has been met with a resurgence in criticism, including fresh bar against star Liu Yifei’s comments supporting Hong Kong police brutality against protesters. Another point of criticism has been the movie’s whitewashed crew; apart from the East Asian cast – which, if anything, looks like a bare minimum for this film – Mulan’s writing and directing team were entirely white. As such, while Mulan may have shattered expectations and pulled people in during Labor Day weekend, it seems the film may have an uphill battle to stay up such a momentum.

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