Afro fusion superstar, Burna Boy, has made some comments on black Americans in the US and also the recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

As the singer tries to explain why he has a better audience in the UK than the US, Burna says the black Americans have lost their “knowledge of self”.

In an interview with The Guardian, self-acclaimed African Giant, says blacks who reside in the United Kingdom, know where they come from (their roots) as opposed to the black Americans. This makes his music more relatable in the UK.

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“Most of the people from the UK, if not all the black people from the UK, and the people of colour – they all know where they’re from. They know exactly where their roots are.

“Unfortunately, the brothers in the US have been stripped of their whole knowledge of self. So it’s a bit harder for them, you know?.”

Burna Boy is popular for making bold statement and ideologies. When asked about the “Black Lives Matter” movement, Burna said “I’m more of an NFAC kind of guy.”

NFAC stands for “Not Fucking Around Coalition”. This was an armed African-American group made up of ex-military personnel which was compared to the Black Panthers.

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